Genital Warts Pictures: Find Out How Genital Warts Look Like

Genital warts are one of the most common types of sexually-transmissible infections. As depicted in the genital warts images, they appear as small growths of flesh, bumps or changes in the skin on the genital or anal area or around them. Aside from being a common infection acquired through sexual activity, genital warts are treated to discount the possibility of contracting cervical, vaginal and vulvar cancer. People do not naturally and regularly take a good look of their genitalia and thus, are not often conscious that they have them. It will be good practice to perform self-examination every so often and knowing what to look for is very important; thus, readers will find good use for genital warts pictures.

Genital Warts Described Textually and Visually

Genital Warts Pictures 3Pictures of warts in this article show visible genital warts occurring in the uro-genital and ano-rectal regions of the body. The following information is well-substantiated from this article’s compilation of images:

  • Vaginal warts pictures, as well as photos of genital warts among the male gender, reveal that the morphological appearance of external genital warts are similar whether they involve the vagina, penis, anus, rectum, urethra, perineum, or vulva.
  • Pics of genital warts also show that lesions on the cervix may be flat and endophytic.
  • Images of genital warts clearly show that external warts are generally multi-focal with one or more lesions in one anatomic region, for example, the vulva.
  • Alternatively, warts pictures may also be multi-centric where lesions are spread on different anatomical parts.
  • The various genital warts photos illustrate that among females, warts are mostly located in the external genitalia and perineal regions.
  • A series of genital warts pics taken on wart progression demonstrated that exophytic genital warts, otherwise known as condyloma acuminate, usually present initially at the fourchette and adjacent labia, and then may spread rapidly to involve other parts of the vulva.

More on Genital Warts

Genital Warts Pictures 1Approximately 20% of cases of condyloma also appear on the perineum and perianal area as viewed from the HPV warts pictures. The acronym HPV stands for human papillomavirus, the organism that causes genital warts. Pictures of vaginal warts also show that the vagina may also be affected with condyloma although rarely extensively. The cervix is also vulnerable specifically with the so-called “flat condyloma” rather than the typical exophytic lesions.

|||Special pic of genital warts show cervical lesions that occur are flat and endophytic condyloma and can only be recognized with the aid of the colposcope. Using special photography and application of ascetic acid, a picture of genital warts revealed micro warts or flat vulvar lesions which can not be recognized just with the naked eye. Finally, genital warts pictures men category shows warts that are observed on the anus.


Genital Warts Pictures 4A review of the vaginal warts pictures and pictures of genital warts on men taken on various patients indicate that genital warts characteristically appear as flat, papular, or pedunculated growths on the genital mucosa. Patients who complained of genital warts generally present with lesions on their genitalia.


Genital Warts Pictures

However, these patients rarely reported other symptoms. Since warts are diagnosed mainly by visual inspection, a pic of genital warts can help ordinary people to be better informed about the condition.

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