Chlamydia Pictures & Images: What does Chlamydia Look Like?

Chlamydia is extremely contagious and may be transferred from one individual to another through direct contact with a partner who has the infection. Doctors usually prescribe antibiotics for this disease condition. This illness can occur without being noticed because it often does not show symptoms. If left untreated, it could cause other problems such as inability to impregnate or conceive a baby.

What does Chlamydia look like

Chlamydia Pictures 1Figure 1. One of the pictures of Chlamydia is shown in this image. It shows the picture of a healthy cervix while the other shows the cervix infected with Chlamydia.

Figure 2. This is the image of enlarged microscopic Chlamydia. The dark pink colored cells are Chlamydia cells within the surface of the light pink and blue vaginal cells. The bacteria multiply within the cells. As the cells rapture, the bacteria are released.

Chlamydia-PicturesFigure 3. This is the image of chlamydia trachomatis bacteriin human cervical epithelial cell. This bacterium is an obligate disease-causing organism affecting humans. It is one of the three species in the genus Chlamydia.

Symptoms of Chlamydia

  • Chlamydia Pictures 4As mentioned, Chlamydia has no symptoms. When symptoms manifest, they may not show up until a number of weeks following exposure. Regardless that it may cause no symptom, Chlamydia can cause some damaging effects on the organs of the reproductive system.
  • Initially, it will infect the cervix and other times this occurs infecting as well the urethra.
  • Other females experience atypical discharge or burning feeling while urinating.
  • Infections that are left untreated may affect adjacent organs like the uterus and fallopian tubes.
  • For infected males, they may experience having discharge from their reproductive organ or a burning feeling while urinating. Testicular pain and swelling may also occur but infrequent.
  • Chlamydia Pictures 2Chlamydia can infect the rectum. These infections may not show any symptom but the affected person may feel some pain in the rectum and have discharge that sometimes may have bleeding as well.

Complications of Chlamydia

Infection that spreads can cause pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). This may start either asymptomatically or occur with pelvic and abdominal pain. PID can damage the reproductive tract and can result to infertility, among other complications like ectopic pregnancy.

Chlamydia Pictures 3Figure 4. Pelvic inflammatory disease
When a woman is pregnant, Chlamydia can cause pre-term delivery and affect the newborn. The infant can develop pneumonia or an eye infection. Complications among men are seldom. If they get infected, this may impact the tube carrying sperm which can cause pain, fever, and rarely sterility.

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