Aids Pictures: What Do People with Aids Look Like?

AIDS is a life-threatening chronic condition caused by HIV. The main cause for AIDS is unknown. The pictures of AIDS can show this nature as well. However, there are numerous risk factors that can increase the likelihood that you will have AIDS. Furthermore, the condition can bring lots of complications if you do not know how to address the condition, as evidenced by the appearances of the patients in the pictures of HIV. This result may also apply if you do not pay much attention to the clinical manifestations.


Aids PicturesPeople in the acute stages of the condition will typically look like people who are currently going through illnesses such as the common cold or influenza.
Given this premise, a person with AIDS may have the following manifestations:

  • Red facial skin brought by hot flashes on the facial region.
  • Clammy/sweaty skin brought by profuse sweating.
  • Aids Pictures 3Ulcer on the mouth or genitals. The lesions will appear white and well-defined. These lesions may present with or without discharges. Non-infected ulcers will appear white with clear discharge. In some cases, there may be no discharge at all. On the other hand, infected discharges can result to yellowish or greenish fluid oozing out of the infected area.


Those with HIV and AIDS who are currently on the latent stage mostly look like the people who do not have the condition.

Early Infection

Aids Pictures 1During the early infection phase, the person with the condition will start to look “sick”. The person looks thinner than usual. This is because they usually have poor appetite at this point.
Like the person in acute phase, this person will also show up with reddish skin because of hot flashes brought by frequent episodes of fever. For the oral region, you will probably see multiple white lesions on the tongue, soft palate, and hard palate. In most cases, the white lesions can also appear on the inner portions of the cheek. The skin typically manifests with red spots that can spread out to different parts of the body. These spots have well-defined borders. They are normally flat against the skin surface.


Aids Pictures 2During the full-blown phase of the condition, you will see that the person has lost significantly more weight. The person also shows up with skin rashes on different parts of the body. The rashes are raised and reddish in appearance.
As for the eyes, they will appear cloudy. You may also see some lesions on the tongue and the mouth regions. Compared to the lesions in the other phases, they affect the gums as well. In this region, they appear as tough and black appendages that can spread to the rest of the gum region.

Aids Pictures 4At this point, the lesions that appeared during the earlier phases are closer together. In most cases, these are yellowish in hue.
These are just some of the things that you may be interested to know about AIDS pictures and how AIDS patients look like. Knowing these things can help you improve the prognosis for your condition.

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